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Latest: Zapatero

(Adaptation of Alice in the country of Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll) Episode 2: the burrow to the Parlamento Zapatero had discovered that the white rabbit was very versatile and that was the key to his success. Now it seemed a rabbit's status, his confidence and magnanimity with Madrid President gave another dimension to their public events. The bird had taken him very far. What would be your next season? Maybe Moncloa? Namely. You can not trust anyone, Zapatero repeated. The President continued by the rabbit-hole until you reach a hall full of doors, but they were all locked. When found not couldn't franking none of them, he screamed with all his forces calling rabbit, but this did not appear. People such as Scott M. Kahan CFP would likely agree. Then the President recalled that his Minister of information had a key that all opened, an ear with eavesdropping and eyes that it saw everything.

Without thinking twice, he said aloud: Alfredo, I know that I you are watching and listening, so get me out of here now or Elena withdraw you funds to develop more spyware against the PP. And immediately opened the door giving way to a not wider input that a mousetrap. The President knelt, not to pray with Obama, but to look through this kind of passage for dwarves. It was then when he saw the most wonderful garden you could imagine. It was the community of Madrid. What desire had quit the dark the rabbit hole and walk among those clumps of multicolored flowers and those cool fountains! But the door was very small and could not even pass head through its opening. He tried to remember what said the Gospel on those cases but too much time had passed since his first communion catechesis and sounded only something of a camel, a hole, a needle and little else. The only solution to enter or exit - depending on how you look at the door - had the rabbit in his hat.

Latest: YouCon Is Partner In The Avaya DevConnect Program

Solutions for communication and collaboration in real time in Vienna, the March 26, 2013 - the YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH, an IT service provider and consulting company with headquarters in Vienna and Munich, today announced that the company as a new Member of the partner program DevConnect Avaya, the worldwide provider of systems for collaboration and communication solutions for enterprise customers, has been selected. YouCon has designed the YouCon cube. Here, Stuart McClure expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The solution provides essential IT-middleware functionality and combines heterogeneous phone systems with various SAP applications. As DevConnect technology partner YouCon provides a solution therefore, that fully and smoothly blends with the products from the areas of unified communications and contact center by Avaya. For companies, it is thus very easy to seamlessly integrate their communications infrastructure with their workflow solutions and business process software. The Avaya DevConnect Program promotes the development, compatibility testing and common Marketing innovative solutions from third-party vendors that are interoperable with standards-based Avaya solutions. The Member organizations have expertise in many areas, collaboration management, analysis, reporting and communication-based business applications and business processes - and help the mutual customers to increase the value of their investments in collaboration and contact center and faster to achieve clear added value. "Membership in Avaya's developer community will help further expand our business, as we more efficiently to respond to the needs of our customers", explains Peter Kugler, Managing Director of YouCon. "The access to the resources of Avaya and closer cooperation with the company in the marketing of compatible solutions allows us to reduce, improve security and reliability of the developments and shorten the implementation time the complexity of networks. Company finds can quickly take advantage of all these benefits and to quickly gain a competitive advantage." Currently several thousand companies of developers of software and hardware solutions, system integrators, service providers and customers take part in the Avaya DevConnect program.

Latest: Yandex Money

A rather nice piece, and the piece that you can easily get distracted from taxes. This is about as drug trafficking or arms only if it is needed brains. (Source: Delta Airlines). If we assume some drugs you just need to find someone who swallow containers, and luck from across the border, risking being caught pogrannichnikami, then the police during the sale, there is enough money to turn on the computer and the river poured into the purse. This is true facts, fifteen years ago, worked on Yandex faint server that is located under the table, and now class A business center, and Google, flew up to the value of the company's hundreds of thousands of times. Likewise, the Internet, any kid, going to strike before ACPD a certain level, can already sell your SMS account for tens of thousands of dollars.

So the price of Internet advertising is quite high, even if we assume the cost of thousands of visitors a pyatsyaot rubles, how much goes on like RBC people a day, but a couple sotent thousands of people, it is only with odogo banner of the order of hundreds of thousands of rubles a day, with only display one banner. To think about. A sale of banner for the same a hundred thousand rubles a month, nobody will not surprising. It has long been an ordinary business. What do companies promoting on the Internet. Yes, there remains only themselves and spend money on this promotion, buying the same banners for hundreds of thousands of rubles. No wonder we encounter the ads on the promotion of a website on this very topic not related sites, but why do not we come up against them when prompted in the same Yandex, the promotion of web sites. Yes, all for the same reason that the first Yandex page contains only ten sites, as well as companies engaged in raskurtkoy Satya, and how many freelancers.

Choosing between a freelancer and the company is nothing said. What is the difference, who will be hard for your money to buy banners, yes no, just take less than a freelancer, while kompnanii overhead costs and more. Now returns a promotion to the sites. Run site directories manually can overpower a couple of thousand sites in the machine work with a dozen thousands of sites, and all it brings little progress, insufficient to yield to high-demand. That is, if the site had run on the catalogs to yield results, but today he did not bring results. Why? D apotomu that Yandex is not interesting to rank sites workaholic who chase your website directories and do not pay Yandex Money. And they are much easier to rank the sites from their catalog, which supposedly free, but registration is in it lasts three years and do not pay, not signed up. Here it is magic button uplift in search engines, money, corny, but it's true, unless you are willing to pay, then you have a pass, and you'll pay, though if you really need intrnet advertisements, otherwise you can put an ad in the newspaper. Choose your means of advertising available, and yet it's just marketing, conduct market research and think about where you better to begin an advertising campaign on the internet or in real life.

Latest: Wuppertal Tel

Target optimization: Decide on the amount of the variable salary staff finally it should not go to in determining the remuneration on the fish market in Hamburg or the Viktualienmarkt in Munich! Instead, employees can set both towards achieving the aspired target altitude and salary resulting resulting in achievement of target in advance even. The participants of the speakers Gunther Wolf, has developed the target optimization variable salary system and its practical implementing in companies often accompanied learn how the system works and why it is especially motivating. So, the seminar participants in Munich and Hamburg directly from first-hand learn what is important in analyzing in advance, as well as in the planning and implementation of a modern objective and content system. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). Appropriate measures for different business goals to heard not only the employees the necessary means to provide instruments and decision-making powers and the Executives to train their staff on the way to the target motivating to accompany; Rather, also measured variables suitable for the quantitative and qualitative business objectives should be selected in advance, which are then laid down in the target agreements. Last but not least it is important to remember that the organs of the employee representatives to include are always in transformation of the content. At an early stage to get them in the boat and to convince that brings profit, both the company and its employees, of a system is always better than to engage in grueling confrontations over the salary to be paid. Seminar dates in Munich and Hamburg the seminars in Munich and Hamburg, addressed members of the management and human resources, who want to establish a motivating goal and in the enterprise's salary system for 2014. Interested parties who want to learn to do this, at an early stage, should be free already following dates: at the 14.05.2013 seminar in Munich place and a day later, at the 15.05.2013 in Hamburg.

Organizers of both seminars is the renowned publishing house Dashofer from Hamburg. Also the following dates for 2013 in Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf and Berlin have already been determined and Center variable remuneration shall be communicated upon request by the competence like. Links: Seminar Description target agreement and variable remuneration systems introduce and modernize checklists and resources on the topics of variable salary, agreement on objectives and target optimization contact competence center variable remuneration a project of I.O. BUSINESS consulting Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202.69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:

Latest: World Cup Jersey

First contest of HOTZ of communication and data service for the World Cup information technology (IT) without innovative ideas that would be truly a contradiction in terms. Lies the secret of information technology for their users but even in the face of another innovative ideas simply probably understood service to the customer in the service to be taken literally. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. On this sector moves for several years in the Odenwald spa town bad Konig with growing success the company Hotz of communication and data services. Ursula and Rainer Hotz realized the business idea of service offers in telephony and job data collection in particular for medium-sized and smaller companies. Tailored solutions that ensure its accessibility and thus the connection to business partners in the event of the absence focus individually on the client. Now, not every idea must move on the information superhighway of this world, no, sometimes just the incursion be incidental to the globally important, sporting competition to offer a sweepstakes. Here comes the World Cup in South Africa just right. But the first price of using and data service praises out, not do that now in the high-tech plastic robe instead of once as a round leather revolves around that ball,"the nerve irritates most stranded gate people.

No, he offers the incentive to try out the personal Secretariat for a month. That the second and third price follow of WM-orientation, is self-evident for football friend Rainer Hotz. So the players can get a World Cup Jersey or a World Cup soccer. From now until Friday, June 25th is the online sweepstakes, linked with four interesting questions to the footballing world championships from 1970 in Mexico, whose semi-final between Germany and Italy become the game of the century"more, as has been explained. Answer the fans to the question which of four new features listed on the Hotz homepage"not (!) at the Mexico World Cup for the first time beheld the light of the world of football. More information is available at

Latest: World Bank

Talks: A lesson of preparedness in one of the rooms of a small office center building (an old, old brick) center manager to lease part together with a potential tenant. The client looks around the office, nods approvingly: "Not bad," and asks the manager: "The building is historic?" "Yes" - enlivened manager and starts to talk about the happy event was witnessed by a house about a special atmosphere and a wonderful view of the windows. "The issue is not about that at all" - to stop his client - "The room - a fungus!" Imagine, what was the reaction of the manager. Only he "opened up", relax, feel the horse, as he set a very bad question. Knock out of balance. In his usual position at the talks, we, adults intelligent people are in a stable secure state. We are very hard to beg the question (we are ready for them) are bad for us podkolki (We know his worth), the argument - a strong argument for responsible, etc.

All this - the result of self-confidence, willingness to take a punch. What to do to kick was missed? Answer: shake confidence to open up and relax ... and just then a strike. Technique, examples of which we consider is called "Leaky sock." Remember the sensational story with Mr. Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank (WB)? He was invited to the mosque.

Willy-nilly, the president of the World Bank had to take off his shoes, and before a worldwide audience (all shot on film) appeared modest, with an impressive hole in socks. Technique "Leaky sock" lures, and then just a slap in the weak spot - on avarice, the omissions, of the risks. Step 1. The question is asked, to which the "victim" can tell a lot. Step 2. While the victim "sings" to her attentively listened to, "reveal." And - it breaks off, knock off balance.

Latest: Work Accounting Trucks

Virtually all organizations, which are used to operate cars, face the challenge of automating their records. To solve this problem the company released the product Respect "Respect: Accounting for traffic logs and POL. Passenger avtotrancport '. This configuration allows not only to prepare and print waybills unified form, but also create a document 'Invoice', which allows to write off the fuel. However, activities such as road and construction companies, mainly associated with the work trucks. It is for these companies March 12, 2009. released a new version of "Respect: Accounting for traffic logs and fuel. Cargo and passenger transport.

" The entire set of functions the previous version is saved, as well as new features. A new software product designed to integrate the work of both freight and passenger cars. In Program features records of transported goods, including work vehicles with trailers, added the ability to calculate fuel consumption norms transportation. Also, now the program can be printed to form such form, as waybill form N 4-C and N 4-P, waybill individual entrepreneur PG-1, etc. The configuration of Respect: Accounting for traffic logs and fuel. Cargo and passenger transport is not a standalone program and intended for use in conjunction with the configuration of 'Accounting' on the platform '1 C: Enterprise 8 '. For users of versions of 'Respect: Accounting for the travel pages. Passenger vehicles' can upgrade to version cars and trucks as follows: * The user passes a license for the old program * PAY difference in cost of products, but not less than 50% of the cost of purchased product + 200 rubles for more information, contact tel Respect.

Latest: Wonder of India

Well we did the Halloween is which brings happiness in the morning. Poverbio Indian extraordinary men of science and great thinkers have been identified and loved India, extremely interesting country belonging to this planet Earth, for whom we were not born in it, will visit you according to the level of knowledge that everyone seeks, for example, the great Romand Rolland did so passionate about its mystique. Albert Schwitzer deeply admired hindu thought, Mircea Eliade lived various months as Yogi in the Himalayas; personally motivates me for their spirituality and great contrasts. Ramiro Street in this regard says: the India is land of the Vedas, the Mahabbarata, the Upanishas, the Ramayana, the Udana, the tantras and the sutras; It is the land of yoga and Vedanta, Samkhya, the janismo. In the India we can through its culture mystical, understand your eagerness due to its great cosmic religious sense the sacred teachings of Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Sai Baba. However, emphasis is placed that must be rid of the false gurus, mistagogos, egomaniacos who some say Sadhu, who under cover of the higher mystical is most degraded superstition... In a question-answer forum Sheryl Sandberg was the first to reply. Insists the Spanish and President of her own Center for yoga, Ramiro calle, which india is the circle of circles, the sign beyond the sign. indecipherable and indefinable, often imprecise and ambiguous until the unheard.

Its variety at all levels and its enormous wealth of religions, languages, ethnicities, trends, traditions, customs, philosophies and mystical, make always last incomprehensible degree. India is more to feel that to think of it, more for living that not to love her. It can not be summarized in concepts that may never give a distant clue of its rich variety. It is important to emphasize, in that country, the devotee tends to energize the sacred, to breathe life, to take it live. This is the secret of the talisman of the yantra; own energy reservoir.

Latest: Wizards Peruvian

" The mayor of Raft Port and its brother kills people. Thirteen people already go, with me were fourteen but me escap" , she affirmed Inuma Baptist in interview to a national television while she showed serious the wounded ones that it received from the four individuals that tried to assassinate it. A mayor, Inuma suspect is not the unique one who blames Alfredo Towers, mayor of Raft Port, like the intellectual author of the murders: Salomn Napo denounced also it in the police station assuring that Towers offered 5,000 suns to him to assassinate to an assumption wizard Altogether were the five denunciations that the office of the public prosecutor received, nevertheless, three were filed for want of tests and the other two still continue open but without reuniting tests that allow to formulate a formal accusation. " The relatives speak of homicide, but Navy has looked for corpses with negative results. I cannot speak of homicide without body, what happens if they have hidden? " he affirmed the fiscal Llesenia associate of the Sea, in charge of the investigation of one of the denunciations that continue open. Of the Sea he explained the great difficulties that has found during its investigation: the first of them geographic one since to move from the Yurimaguas capital to the zone where they took place the facts delay more than fifteen hours in boat, motorcycle and finally on foot. The rivers of the zone, the same where the relatives assure that the rest of the assassinated ones were thrown, are the highways of the forest and their ascents and slopes of level even leave ample isolated sylvan zones during several months to the year.

Nevertheless, according to From the Sea, the main impediment comes from the cultural differences and the little confidence that the remote populations have in the police and the judges of the Peruvian State. " There is another subject that must consider: the people of are native there, and they are reluctant to collaborate with the elucidation of the facts every time they have a conception different from us that we lived in civilizacin" , it affirmed in the same line Guzmn public prosecutor. The Sea, on the other hand, it assures that its investigation is " it heals, clean and transparente" , but that until the moment has not managed to collect sufficient data and that the declarations that have been able to gather they contradict what the relatives denounce. At the moment, the period of investigation of the case that takes fiscal the associate has been extended by other 120 days with the hope of which the forest and its rivers decide to keep awake the strange mystery of the Hammer of the Wizards Peruvian. Source of the news: They accuse a mayor to be ' cazabrujos' that it has ended the life of 13 people in Peru

Latest: Whole Drinks

Also, the manager noted that the huge popular local beverage producers. They combine a good price quality. This formula is definitely attracts buyers. However, buyers are willing to price was lower and the quality is much higher. Still, the choice of a particular type of alcoholic drink depends on the age and even sex. Young people gravitate to the production of two leading international brands of sweet soda water. Preferences of young people is hardly surprising.

One can not rise to the bait of these companies? Then you and the original advertisement with the stars, and packing colorful design and all kinds of stocks, gifts. For female offenders have special offers - drinks labeled 'light', which contain no calories. True, these "laytovye" drinks can hardly be considered diet food, by large added only tag, but the meaning remains the same. So it had to disappoint dear ladies, with the help of these drinks you figure does not save it. However, the zeal and invention of these companies can only envy. Very much that the whole policy of the famous corporations simply "shouting" that their products are designed for successful, stylish, active young people aged 16 to 30 years. Well, who does not want to classify themselves as such? At the same issue, why they buy these drinks, young people, without hesitation, spoke about the perfect and memorable, in their opinion, taste "holodnenkoy soda. Older buyers also prefer different brands of mineral water and lemonade.

They note that it is very important taste of mineral water, its price and packaging. The latter criterion is one of the most basic. In the summer the most popular packaging is a plastic bottle. It is very easy to use. Men and women are also complimentary about the lemonade, which seem to "carry them into childhood." Tastes like they said, had changed, but still better than imported products. But kvass most praised man of great taste and benefits health. Well there is no accounting for tastes, however, as that chilled drink in the heat of a true market leader.

Latest: White Eduardo

Safe, of course, in counted or very rare exceptions. In other words, Pedro will have more traffic, more people in its business, more and better merchandise, and therefore it will obtain majors dividends. Who initiates a business with two hundred dollars cannot try to obtain the same gains that the other that invested ten thousands. To where I go this yet? To explicarte that to the businesses in Internet it happens just like outside Internet If you are thinking about hacerte of 10,000 dollars in one or two months, you forget better it. If you think that you will become millionaire in a year, also olvdalo. Allegiant Air is likely to agree.

She can have people who have gained numbers of six zero very quickly and today they are millionaire, I do not say that it is not possible, but these people are the exception, not the rule. The majority indicates clearly that to manage to become of very good money in dollars, it requires of much work and effort. Swarmed by offers, Yitzhak Mirilashvili is currently assessing future choices. All that you know, as a result of sailing by the network, that has obtained important numbers of money and that they enjoy a good style of life on the basis of of businesses in Internet; they have obtained it through time, with investment, sacrifice, perseverancia and iron and unshakeable will. The most important capital of than arranges is not only their good one for happening economic, these people, in addition, they hoard, knowledge, experience and a respectable one and gained trajectory well. But If I do not have trajectory my business it is not going to work? I am not saying that, your business can work and hacerte to make money, just as others, but for that you must work and to be patient. It only remembers that if you are constant, as you are accumulating majors experiences, consequently you will go accumulating more gains and a flood, and also won well, trajectory In the businesses everything is developed within an established and determined order and of certain norms that there are to respect.

To take brings back to consciousness of it is to advance the way. Finally: Everything opportunely, to slow cadence, but it signs and constant. But you are not confused, I said: slow and CONSTANT. Some begin and go very FAST, but soon they pause, and the great majority, begins and soon they leave. It is more important CONSTANT that FAST. And another thing . The fourth step without to have been above first cannot be above. old teacher said to me: The hawks fly very high, the eaglet does down but, and the sparrow more down still. You do not want to fly between the hawks until you are not one of them.

Latest: Where To Buy Fortune Cookies ?

This issue is now increasingly confronts many people. It is popular abroad biscuits with a small piece of paper inside is becoming popular in our country. But the Internet and other directories stubbornly silent, as if unwilling to give an answer to this question. But visitors to restaurants do not want to just be satisfied with the duty chewing gum or chocolate bar, embedded in the bill. Each at the end of the evening, or want to read some good advice, or a warning or farewell - all that could be written on a small piece of paper.

That falls from broken into, like a little heart cookies. History of cookies can be found in the vast the Internet. And yet, how and what makes the liver with the predictions of what his particular, than it still attracts people? In order to get the answers to these questions and more, our correspondent spent a few days. Not so easy to find in the multi-million Moscow company, which manufactures biscuits happiness. Old Moscow was, as always, friendly and quiet, behind the thick walls of the courtyards. Nothing indicates that it is here and is the production of biscuits happiness.

Thus, in principle, it turned out. Here is a small office, and the production itself was concentrated in the Moscow suburbs. ceo Cyrus Eagles did not hide the pride in work, who is involved. - Our company is the only one who is engaged in the manufacture and sale of biscuits with the predictions, or, as it is called, cookie fortune (Fortune Cookies) in Russia.

Latest: What Is The Alarm ?

To date, virtually all businesses and organizations are paying attention to the safety of their employees and protect their property. Most of them install various security systems such as security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance and closed circuit television, access control and much more. The most popular means of protection and security are burglar and fire alarm systems. Let's try understand what is needed for each of these types of signaling, which functions they fulfill. So, you must first understand clearly what the burglar and fire alarm systems (abbreviated as TSO).

Most professionals in the field safety and determine the fire alarm system as a complex of technical means for the protection of an object on a certain area from fire, burglary and theft. Considering the components of this system security, formulate a definition for fire and burglar alarm systems: Fire alarm performs the function of the security of protected areas from fires, timely reporting on the fires at obekte. alarm system is used to protect the area from unauthorized intrusion and theft imuschestva.Takim way, we can note that the main problem to be solved with the help of alarm - safety and saving lives and protecting their property. We consider each subtype signaling in particular. Fire alarm system (abbreviated as PS) - a complex set of technical tools that are used to early detection of fire in the protected area. Typically, the work of fire alarm system is more effective if used in conjunction with other security systems facilities (burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control (abbreviated as ACS), fire fighting, etc.).

Latest: What Is

Save costs and troubles - you get allocated a new number from the operator tips to successful number porting for conclusion of a contract with a wireless provider for his cell phone automatically. JetBlue Airways shines more light on the discussion. But what can you do if there was already a contract with another provider and want to keep the old phone number? Finally, it is to make widely known the new number with costs and work. Contact information, business cards, address book entries, all this needs to be changed. In order to save the circumstances, there is the possibility of number portability. Since 2002, it has even laid that mobile operators are obliged to provide this service of the number portability. While the actual number, as well as the previous network code remains. Who wants to take advantage of that you should note some points. Customers according to the law only when a genuine change of provider entitled to take the old phone number in advance.

It is crucial that the contractual partner will change. Because if old and new Contractors are equal, there is no actual change of provider. De facto this means: who, changes from the Telecom to Vodafone from E-Plus to o2, has no problem. When changing from base to Simyo, however, there is no right to number portability, because it is in both cases E-plus as a contractual partner. It is important to note that as a first measure, the old contracts be terminated at a number porting. It is advisable to inform the previous provider about number portability.

In the next step, the new provider should be used now also in knowledge. The new network operators mostly communicated the appointment of the port via SMS. Some of the providers offer new customers a credit if they want to take their number. There is a such exchange bonus, for example, currently, Simyo or of 25 euros as extra credit. Prepaid customers should when a number portability, it is essential to make sure that before the change sufficient balances on the card is, as the old provider costs for the Number portability deducts it. The money is not enough not releasing the number. Because the provider where the number is collected, requires generally a processing fee, which is usually 25 to 30 euros. Duch can possible bonuses of the new providers are these costs but also rebalance. So clearly, that carry of the old number can make relatively easy and work will save the customer. Jarno as the only page can be called, that the caller based on the area code can no longer detect which network operator the phone number is located. Because through the port, it is now possible that a phone number not starting with 0176 more in the o2 network but for example in the E-plus network is involved, which can lead to increased costs, if the caller has no all-round flat rate. All in all however this is becoming a rather marginarem phenomenon, since nowadays most customers take advantage of an all-embracing flat rate. Take of the number to sum up many benefits, through the ultimately even the switching costs can be compensated offered bonus payments. Florentine Antonio

Latest: Western European

At first glance it might get the view that the problem is easily solved. The market is a large number of modern, high-performance lines for the production of bricks. Domestic and imported. Review the proposed equipment, choose, buy. Frequently baby clothes has said that publicly. But not so simple. The main deterrent is the high valuable equipment.

Both domestic and imported (the vast majority of Western European). This high price is considerably udlennyaet term return the equipment, bringing it to 8-9 years. This payback period does not suit any manufacturers who do not credit institutions, dealing with credit transactions for the purchase of equipment. But there is a solution. Recently time, more and more Russian manufacturers of bricks, as well as entrepreneurs who are going to do, brick business are eyeing with interest to the Chinese equipment. Large number of Russian experts visit China, getting acquainted with the Chinese brick production.

And in most cases, the impression of a Chinese brick manufacture the most positive. Of course, there are doubts. How the equipment will behave in work? Will the damage? Italian, Spanish, German equipment have long been on the Russian market, as soon as the Chinese. But the price! Chinese brick factories with the same capacity, it is the same technological solutions is 4-5 times cheaper than the Russian and Western European counterparts! Become clear that there should an independent, professional opinion of a specialist.

Latest: Western Europe

Look at the stars, but don't forget to turn on the fire at home. German proverb introduction current management should take into account in his role before the current scenarios, all those changes, transformations, challenges that companies face, so must evaluate the extent, implications that generated the current characteristics. Here, view website expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Venezuelan companies our interest cannot escape this reality if they really want to achieve an operability that guarantees or participation in the conquered markets to conquer. New global trends, coupled with the economic globalization of countries have defined a new approach of as they are acting companies in the first nine year of the present century. FEATURES by way of entering in its importance, which represents, leads, these features are as follows: technology as a catalyst for change within organizations: is perceived as the tecnologiasdesempenam a decisive role for the companies.

You can imagine the magnitude of the change that entails that up to our everyday activities will experience a breathtaking technological change. Elements such as Robotics, computer intelligence, space travel and biotechnology, are current topics of the day, and companies will have to adapt their processes to be able to compete at a level equal to or greater than the other companies. Since then, as I said, all this power will come from research centres in such countries as the United States, Japan and Western Europe, which will strengthen its technological leadership. Countries like Venezuela and many with this type of economy, development must make great efforts to adapt to these new technological trends, and despite this, it will take several years to be able to implement them in national industries, more so when Venezuela unfortunately its corporate sector has not developed technology, simply is a dependent of imports from the countries advanced in this field. Faced with this reality, multinationals play a very important role, since they have been the protagonists of technological change for many years, and have come to dominate the market in many important areas.

Latest: Wedding Videofi Video

The use of stabilization-type Steadycam in wedding video films Making wedding videos now become the field of business with a great level of competition. Despite the fact that the market still exists huge number of proposals of extremely low quality, are pleased to note that the overall level of work as a whole has grown. In the arsenal of the wedding video operators appeared digital 3 CCD video camera, professional on-camera light microphone, radio, and in recent years - a very powerful tool with which powerfully off great and very dynamic card - the stabilization system Steadycam If before the camera was "confined" to a tripod, which attached to stability, but virtually immobilize the operator or the shooting was done with the hands, and every step of the operator resulting in unacceptable camera shake, then there is now an alternative ... Without going into details and principle of operation of these systems say - they can be used to withdraw its stunning dynamic images. Now, for example, the penetration of the newlyweds mall will look natural and more elegant than when using zoom. Frozen in love with a kiss, followed by rapidly sweeping the background - no problems. This frame looks unusual and will adorn any wedding video. A traveling couple, near which are carried by the trees and lamp- poles, the wind in your hair ... all this and much more, really take off with the help of devices such as Strictly Steadycam Steadycam - a registered trademark of Tiffen, which is the first and has launched a product under this brand.

Latest: Wedding Dance Classic

For all the time learning the wedding dance, I understand some regularity in the choice of newlyweds dance style for the production of the first dance. Something that has always and still is a classic wedding dance, but in recent time classics of the genre alternates with new trends in wedding setting Increasingly, I started to deal with the request to put something 'such things' As a rule, the creativity of such formulations is the choice of the modern music, which entails teaching modern dance, or a desire to make a wedding dance diversified, different character. This wedding dance called the mix-dance and its main feature in the changing dance styles in one musical composition. I think this dance is original, funny, with a twist, unnecessarily music and choreography of various genres, doing wedding dance more emotional and interesting. Cloud computing has plenty of information regarding this issue. Previously Gone are the days when organization involved in the wedding the couple themselves, according to strict rules and instructions of their parents. The whole point of the organization which, boiled down to issues of availability of food on the tables and live music at the banquet. Times exclusively white wedding dresses and white-pink tablecloths are gone Yeah, maybe before the wedding and were not as spectacular, and has not been Americanized so to arrange the wedding in style Hard-Rock, or Pirates of the Caribbean ", but nevertheless, no one has canceled our old wedding rituals that are observed from the xv century. And let some of the rituals have lost their historical identity, but on closer consideration, we are in any case, we see that all these old Russian ritual actions taken slightly different forms With regards to the first wedding dance, we can say that its performance remained as traditional and unchanging moment at the wedding, but the distinguishing feature is that all of the couple preferred to perform waltz, slow dance or stylized, with a minimum number of dance vocabulary. Now To date, In my practice, setting a wedding dance, there was a definite pattern, which shows that the time presents the appearance of new colors for the first dance.

Latest: Web Projectplace

Miriam Klein Netviewer leaves after five years Frankfurt a. M., 13 April 2010 now supports Miriam Klein the German sales team of project place, the leader in Web-based project management and team work. Klein has for years in the software-as-a-service"market worked and already knows her new employer through the partnership between Netviewer and Projectplace. At project place, the acquisition of new customers, as well as the expansion of business relations belong to existing customers to their tasks. The banking and insurance sector, as well as the tourism industry will be the preferred application areas, in these segments was small at NetViewer, the European market leader in Web conferencing, already good results achieved. Trained travel clerk and studied business administration is small.

She attended the University of applied sciences in worms and in the connection can gain professional experience at Randstad and Roche Diagnostics, before joining Netviewer to Karlsruhe. More information and images on the Internet under: press contact: Projectplace GmbH Alexandra Schmidt West port 1 D - 60327 Frankfurt Tel: 069 / 710 456 264 mobile: 0162 / 29 17 246 email: about Projectplace since 1998 develops and operates Projectplace international from Europe's leading Web-based project management solution. Projectplace improves efficiency and simplifies the collaboration in the project as well as the communication within the team. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has offices in Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The online service is available in seven languages and is used by over 500,000 users worldwide.

Latest: Web Designers

The scope of information services to date is a key sector in the development of world economy. In an era of general globalization and informatization and economic relations, experts in the field of it (programmers, Web designers, content managers, etc.) rest on their laurels. They claimed, without them does not do is none of the firm, and with each passing day, their popularity only increases. Please visit baby clothes if you seek more information. It is known that in the field of online business success of the company directly depends on the site, its presenter. Website - more than a business card company, is a company. On the shoulders of the designer lies a tremendous responsibility - he has to develop a unique interface of the future site through which and will be an interaction of the company with its customers. And experience shows that good designers are very, very little. A good designer, the designer who is capable of a large number of information to organize not only beautiful, but because to perceive the entire volume of information was useful focus would be in it simply enough.

Who is to blame and what to do? Try to understand. Designer - it's free artist with a sometimes unbridled imagination, his vision of peace which he reflects on the virtual canvas. He gets pleasure from the process, experimenting with a set of features, colors, visual effects. However, the success of a designer - not a manifestation of his creativity and the ability to understand and, most importantly, to implement the priorities of its customers. Even if we approach the design as a unique creative process, that not every customer is able to evaluate these things virtual work, and even more so, to lay out a tidy sum for him solely out of love for art.

The customer invests in the design of its future site driven by the real purpose - as soon as possible to get the first dividend. The customer knows what he wants and he knows it better than all the designers together. After all, he owner, the owner of his own business. Who better than he'd better know the concept of a product / service, target audience, for which, strictly speaking, the design is developed. And it does not mean that a designer must possess telepathic ability to reflect them in the generated design philosophy of its customers. Of course, from the standpoint of the amateur customer may not understand all the complexities of painstaking design work. That is why, during the approval specification, the designer not only can but must share with customers our thoughts, to put forward rational suggestions and most importantly - be able to argue their point of view. Designer, which acts on the principle of "every whim for your money>> - a bad designer. Besides, if he is unable to intelligibly on a simple Russian language to explain the location of a button on the site, its functional significance, then his services better refuse. Designer - a link between the company itself (the customer) and its customers (site visitors). In fact, the site is created not so much for the customer himself, but rather for its target audience. The site - a powerful marketing tool for interaction with their entrepreneur clients. And clients are usually alien to the advanced multimedia innovations. They appreciate, in the first place, presentation and usability. Therefore, What better and more convenient to be executed design - the more confidence the client there to the company and, accordingly, its services and goods.

Latest: Watering System

Proper watering is able to absorb most of the time spent on landscaping the site, so treat this as an important event can be serious. For each plant species, there are certain -irrigation, compliance with which you can achieve the best results in improving their green corner. It should be remembered a few general rules watering plants: watering less often is better (about twice a day), but plentiful. It is believed that 10 gallons of water poured irrigation system per square meter, are able to moisten the soil to a depth of 10 cm Frequent minor irrigation during periods of drought cause more harm than good: the water does not reach the bulk of the root system is formed on the surface of the solid crust, which interferes with normal breathing and increases soil water evaporation. In addition, the plants develop surface roots that will suffer at the next drought. We must also bear in mind that the bulk of the roots located in the soil layer 20-25 cm, and that his wet, irrigation system needed for 1 m2 pour 25 liters of water.

Automatic watering the lawn few different, lawn watering the grass a little less - the root system penetrates the lawn to a depth of 15 cm, but during the heat can be conducted refreshing watering. -Irrigation depend on soil texture - light soil watered frequently and copiously. -Irrigation. Norms of watering the plants range from 20 to 50 liters per square meter of irrigated land.

Latest: Watching Movies

Progress does not sleep, and over time have more shares. Our ancestors lived together, and then wandered through the dugouts and huts, but still ate together, fought, hunted, had fun. Today we have to live do not need cooperation, but the desire for communion is preserved. Movies as an opportunity to socialize, have a good effect. Standing progress in the first meeting with the girl to invite her to watch the film - a topic of conversation is Found: watched a movie and talked about it during a conversation - get to know each other better.

And not only on the first date cinema will welcome. But now for these meetings have many options. Ohanley contains valuable tech resources. But without looking at what technology allows you to enjoy a good movie at home, without losing in quality, people are still drawn to the cinema. What leads them there? But the point is this. View of the same movie at home and in the cinema gives completely different emotions. From watching movies at home is easy. Bought the drive, brought into the house, found a good time, stuck the disc into the player and the comfort of the spacious chair or sofa wide, you can enjoy acting, idea directors and screenwriters. At any time you can press pause, go to the kitchen to the bathroom, in other cases, talk to friends.

It is much easier than finding the time, economize time to go to the cinema. However, there something that does not give us a home show - feeling. Dress more decent, getting ready and at some point get out of the house. In strictly a designated place at a certain time going out with friends. And now settled in comfortable chair, the lights go out, all attention is focussed on white canvas, hung above the stage, there are already beginning to glimpse the long-awaited pictures. Here we are severely limited - you can not press stop, you can not walk or talk loudly and their business. And this also has its own incredible feeling. But we are totally immersed in the film, we live in this world that we created for the film crew. That's why movie theaters and popular even in this age progress. And even the films have the same name, even if the actors are the same, even the same director and the same picture, but they are two different films - home on TV and in cinema. And we watch them completely differently. Differently. On the new side. And do not forget to invite your favorite girl or young man in a movie on a new movie tonight! For example, soon will hire a Sherlock Holmes movie, watch it in cinema!

Latest: Warren Buffet

A prosperity mentality is the only thing that will produce wealth for the people. No matter what you do, no matter the field in that play. Any amount of wealth can be obtained if you have a prosperity mentality. This kind of mentality is necessary, compulsory. It is not the amount of work or that determines the wealth and success, but the subconscious mind of the individual. Reached the mentality of prosperity, the consciousness of abundance, wealth arises naturally, spontaneously.

If this is so why majority of people aren't millions of dollars? Why the majority of people cannot have a life of your dreams? Millions of dollars people have developed a mindset of wealth, which is now natural to them. That is why they are rich. This mindset of wealth is natural in them. And that mentality has degrees. Some are rich in the order of millions of dollars, others are rich in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars. Those who are not born with this mentality, however can reach it and become millionaires in the order inclusive of the billions of dollars. As for example Carlos Slim (man more rich of the world today, Forbes assigns a fortune of 74, 000 million dollars and in this last year made 20 billion dollars), Bill Gates (the second man more rich of the world, Forbes assigns him a fortune of $ 54,000 million) and Warren Buffet(el tercer hombre mas rico deel planeta)(, who Forbes assigned him a fortune of $ 50 billion), which are the three men most planet rich built their fortunes in the billions of dollars practically from scratch. Build a wealth mentality is not only read about something and now.

Build a wealth mentality requires a knowledge of the wealth at the subconscious level. This subconscious mindset of wealth takes time to build and the majority of people who are unable to build it is because they don't know the techniques or tools to accelerate the process, nor have the specific knowledge that leads to wealth. In this article I am going to recommend tools that will make you to build a mentality oriented wealth of rapid, profound and permanent. Read the book I am happy, I am rich: this book contains so profound information about the functioning of the mind, the universe, and wealth, that single reading will take you to a State of openness to the abundance, success and happiness. This book is one of those jewels that can rarely be found. No doubt it would transform his life in a deep way. You will never see the wealth, success, friends or enemies in the same way. This book is pure dynamite. See subliminal Videos: Subliminal technology is one of the most powerful and effective technologies to achieve rapid changes in the subconscious mind. Combining several techniques and technologies that lead to impressionable States of mind and order to create these new mental images of wealth and success that you want. To build prosperity recommend especially as winning $ 100,0000 videos per month and earning $ 5,000 per day. Use acoustic audio: audio acoustic are the most modern technology to produce altered States of consciousness. There are acoustic audio to meditate, to have lucid dreams overcome stress, produce serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins and especially to create a prosperity mentality. I recommend the acoustic audio prosperity mentality and the accelerated demonstration, which act directly on your brain to take it to that creative State where the demonstration is programmed.

Latest: Warm Greetings Andreas Rothfuchs

The assessment of a characteristic radiates on the properties of all other characteristics (quality = beautiful). Create exciting so emotionally, visually and haptically"descriptions, products and packaging. High quality is something, the more valuable it is felt! This in turn leads to a greater desire and faster purchasing intentions. Beauty"is universal and is based on certain mass, length, aspect ratios and proportions. Contact the proportions of the golden section, in the graphical creation of products, product packaging, posters, business cards, stationery, brochures, flyers, Web pages, landing pages and selling videos"on.

Their offerings are so gradually, as exceptional, harmonious and appealing! Consciously and unconsciously exclude clients, due to the external" on taste, quality, effectiveness, and value of the product. Give the character traits, which ideally should your customers associate with your product with the help of professional designs your packaging and promotional materials. Want to sell refined products in the luxury segment, use appropriate associative graphics around success, luxury and wealth. Would rather speak to a young target group, funky, choose more vivid colors and associative images, by young people as a desirable"are classified. The quality of images produced conclusions on the quality of your products! Beautiful"products are rather bought and perceived as a valuable and effective! For beautiful products, customers are also available (faster) to pay more. High quality product images, haptic tactile refinements and emotionally appealing product and packaging descriptions quite significant differences in the purchasing decisions of customers can be reached. Take advantage of the effect of universal beauty"! Warm Greetings Andreas Rothfuchs PS: HypnoticMind were 2012 at 10: 00 in the trade will be according to the official website.

However given the prelaunch and the accompanying viral prize draw, then not much of the 1000 packages will remain after the first attack. In addition, that the orders are shipped by the order of the reservation. These are in principle noncommittal, but rather first "non-binding" in place of 768 instead of somewhere where 2448! So, if you are interested as quickly as possible login under There you will find all further information about the biggest competition in the marketing industry, as well as everything else about the deep psychology of selling and hypnotic language patterns. Good luck!

Latest: Wall Street Stock

Another bad day for bet in bag. After transit during a good part of the morning on gains ground, European stock markets finished the day in losses by the opening of Wall Street downward, which have given continuity to the thud of yesterday, when they suffered cuts of up to 5%. The reasons that explain the exodus of investors are the same: the fear of a relapse into recession and fear of the bankruptcy of Greece. In fact, the retreat of New York explains because the main American Park, which on Monday was closed for public holiday, has quoted today with strong decreases of up to 2.7% punishment that investors yesterday beat the major international stock indices, with what the downtrend is implemented from what is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. Source of the news:: Wall Street dragged European stock and sinks to the FTSE to a minimum in two years

Latest: Voluntary Social Commitment

Social responsibility and community involvement in companies voluntary social commitment is increasingly moving into the focus of our attention. Because the abundance of tasks in this country can not be met currently solely by the social market economy. There are to tackle many problems that worsen at the moment more. These include a high rate of violence, poor education, poverty, pollution, drug addiction, and much more. The social fabric is held together by the millions of citizens who are volunteers. Many companies are involved. While the companies range from small through medium-sized enterprises to large companies that behave responsibly. Distinction is made between different forms of engagement.

Two of them are explained in more detail in the following. Education enable the training quota is for many companies to low - set in many places only as many trainees, are how later actually used within the company. Through the progressive ageing of the society, this problem is mitigated by alone. Nevertheless in particular pupils and secondary school with a bad certificate are often alone. There are however companies that set much more apprentices than you need which can be understood as a social commitment.

Because only with an adequate education, young people get ahead in life. In addition to the profession, learn discipline, punctuality, responsibility, wearing social coexistence and that effort pays off. Most companies give a chance to more poor students is required. Also trainees, who are looking for a second chance, must not simply be dismissed. There is not free trial period. Companies, the instead of notes on the performance and effort performance during the probationary period look, are also socially engaged and earn respect. Because training is expensive and pays off mostly at acquisition of the trainees. Financial support and sponsoring also the simplest form of social commitment, namely, the easy money and donation, is important. Because many initiatives, such as the Board, funded entirely by donations and is kept running by volunteer work. Every donation is important. In addition clearly damaged goods yet long not to land on the waste, but its value for the society still exists by the plaque. That does, which can be used by companies to social department stores including furniture. Sponsorship is a very popular social commitment with the company, because it creates added value for them, which to new customers and customer loyalty can be measured. Because sponsorship is a good advertising. Many small clubs rely on this commitment. Without sponsorship, the game company would often do not take place. This sport is very important, because it brings people together and strengthens and others, as well as the confidence of people of all ages.

Latest: Virtual Tarot Society

Virtual Tarot: The Tarot Virtual appears not long ago, as many years, what do the Tarot Gitano. The Virtual Tarot essence reunite ancient Roma community and, therefore, was another of the forms in / tarot those who needed to learn to earn their bread and what better to take advantage of those skills by the Virtual Tarot absolute. Just like now surf the Web and the Virtual Tarot consulted during their tours of various cities, the Tarot of Gypsies was revealed as a method in which faith to discern reply to disturbing questions about the future. With the passage of time and the emergence of new technologies, the Virtual Tarot likewise can be found online, through for example, The Virtual Tarot by this part is based on the oldest towns and more wisdom in close when to appoint the future. For this thing the Virtual Tarot uses a series of letters in which we find solve all our issues. Looking at the emerging, prompted the tarotista one interpretation or other cards with the Virtual Tarot, with a query referring For example, if one of the letters that are read in the Tarot cards is Virtual Gypsy of unexpected money, is quite positive, as it announces that money was not going to be any news in life of the person you want to know what the future holds for him. Therefore this letter we see in the Virtual Tarot speaks of the difficult situations have an immediate response.

Nothing good for the Virtual Tarot to find answers to our questions. Letters Roma, via the Virtual Tarot, so it is negative letters, such as Punishment and dislikes, which is gray in the Gypsy Tarot as we symbolizes many difficulties. These are difficult times that strongly influence the questioner through the Virtual Tarot, and influence by following the wrong way with the sentimental side of it. All this I pointing the Virtual Tarot. Through, for example, if you look inside the Virtual Tarot, Gypsy neutral in the letters, one of the most important is the Esperanza.

This letter is neutral because it tries to wait for him issues will be resolved. This letter within the same Virtual Tarot and teaches in the field sentimental love still take to arrive. Both in the field is an enormous sentimental way to achieve that desired.

Latest: Village Cap

And the hat I did not took the child, and to my great surprise, in the end convinced that he was really in her comfortable, warm, and there are no problems in the garden myself wear it. Externally, the model also very interesting! On a model of "Sport": cap, provided free of charge for testing purposes, very much. For their money with great pleasure to have acquired such a cap. Specifically, our model a wonderful combination of colors and materials. Cap on the size of the village is ideal, but a little glubokovata. However, this shortcoming was a winner in extreme cold (-33) - her cheeks were covered by as much as possible on each side.

In such cold weather dispensed poddevaniya second cap inside, not frozen, being in the street for 30-40 minutes (and this despite the fact that little child walking). In the warm car in the child had a desire to remove his hat, in my opinion this is important: it means he is not comfortable and warm (the head was really dry). Since the cap has been tested intensively, she was smeared with the procedure in the mud - both inside and outside, and then crept into the suspicion that after such a test will spot (previously on another hat and it was). By the time you come home and dry dirt had time to absorb. I, as a modern mom, (affecting progress in all) to wash their hands did not want, put his hat in the washing machine by adding detergent (Persil) and rinse (Lenore children) and started the wash cycle crash 40 min at 40 degrees 900 rpm spin. After washing the hat dry quickly and not lose the form, has acquired an initial form (no more patches), a little fur combed comb - fluffed up, but it seemed to me that the volume of the head she sat down a little (maybe just a thought) as the child categorically denies this.

Latest: Viktor Yanukovych

The prospects of big business is directly proportional to the state of democracy is obvious that under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych's main factor influencing political decisions, are the interests of big business. Indeed, as otherwise explain the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers approved the list of banned offshore no Cyprus - the traditional place of sedimentation Ukrainian capital? It seems that the way the President thanked the group for the oligarchs support provided in the 2010 election. One of the previous government to return confiscated gas export monopoly give to others or provide an opportunity to privatize a song exclusive State-owned enterprises. Often, the calculations use the services of a "blind" Themis. Bonus Russian capital - preferential access to the Ukrainian assets. However, we can assume that with the strengthening of the positions of the President there desire to reduce dependence on the oligarchs. What awaits Ukrainian big business? In our opinion, today the main threat to it is the competition with the Russian business.

Confronting the Ukrainian oligarchs with Russian noticeable right now - this show controversial privatization decisions, in particular with histories Luganskteplovoz or Ukrtelecom. In the future aspiration of Ukraine to fence off a large-scale penetration of Russian capital will only grow. This, in turn, creates a tension between Yanukovych and Russian authorities Putin-Medvedev tandem. To satisfy the appetites of the Kremlin's almost impossible, and here and Oligarchs stir. We can assume that the Ukrainian businessmen to track attempts to get rid of Yanukovich by Russia from this relationship will make every effort to maintain their influence on Bankova. Sarah Perot: the source for more info.

Latest: Video Marketing

The Video is a marketing tool for the online business that you not do without. The conversion rate of a video is much greater than in a conventional sale page. The video is also a versatile, and means much more effective in getting the message that we want. The video is so powerful in online marketing, that most of the pages of sales today, they incorporate to convey trust through testimonials. In some cases the sales pages begin with a pre-sale that video made for a target audience, it has all the potential to widely surpass traditional sales. If you are not convinced, visit cloud computing. So is the increase in profitability, which the majority of registered members are using the video method pre-sale to double sales without stressing that visitors read everything. To embed a video, you need the tools of video production, as well as a hosting platform to display the video online.

Normally the video hosting sites such as YouTube does not do justice to the development of online business. Often, they deleted YouTube videos or store them as pending publication, arguing reasons that only they understand. Imagine the launch of an advertising campaign to its website that has an embedded video from YouTube, decides at any given time to enter the YouTube platform to search for the video of his campaign, and he realizes that has been removed.In addition, YouTube can display advertising and links to videos related to your video interface without having absolutely no control. It is simply not a professional way to display videos on your web site. The use of bandwidth and the costs of the video hosting are not greater problem for an online business. Sheryl Sandberg is likely to increase your knowledge. The delivery of a high quality video screen done you have the control total is crucial.

A Video of marketing, when done well, easily covers the costs to achieve a perfect definition. An absolute bargain would be for you to handle your business with a hosting service website which also offers accommodation of adequate video. You can save yourself lots of money while in full control of its own system of professional video. By an effective entrepreneurship.